Biological and Bioorganical chemistry




Biological and Bioorganical chemistry


Mardashko А.А., Mironovych L.М., Stepanov G.F., Storchilo О.V.

Teaching textbook

. — Кyiv: Caravela, 2018. – 240 p

The teaching textbook in the Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry for the students self-study contains the short explanation of all discipline chapters, answers the key control questions in the accordance to the Typical Program of the Ukraine health Ministry. This book will help in the orientation in the big volume of material not only to students of the 1-st and 2-nd course both, which study Bioorganic and Biochemical Chemistry, but to the students of 3-rd and 4-th course for the preparation to the license exam “Crock-1”. The book is written for the students of the High Medical School of the III – IY levels of accreditation.





Section I. Biologically important classes of bioorganic compounds. Biopolymers and their structural components

Chapter 1. Theoretical basis of the structure and reactivity of bioorganic compounds

Chapter 2. Higher fatty acids. Lipids. Phospholipids.

Chapter 3. Carbohydrates. Monosaccharides. Oligo-and polysaccharides

Chapter 4. Biologically active heterocyclic compounds. Nucleosides, nucleotides, nucleic acids

Section II. The general pattern of metabolism

Chapter 5. The biochemical components of cells.

Chapter 6. Enzymes and coenzymes, coenzyme function of vitamins. Regulation of metabolism

Chapter 7. Basic laws of metabolism Citric acid cycle

Chapter 8. Molecular Basis of bioenergetics.

Section III. Metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and its regulation

Chapter 9. Carbohydrate metabolism and its regulation

Chapter 10. Lipid metabolism and its regulation

Chapter 11. Metabolism of amino acids. Enzymopathology of amino acid metabolism

Section IV. Molecular Biology. Biochemistry of intercellular communication

Chapter 12. Fundamentals of molecular biology

Chapter 13. Basics of molecular genetics

Chapter 14. Molecular mechanisms of hormones action on target cells

Chapter 15. Biochemistry hormonal regulation

Section V. Biochemistry of tissues and physiological functions

Chapter 16. Biochemistry of human nutrition. Nutrition

Chapter 17. Biochemistry and patobiohemistry of blood

Chapter 18. Functional and clinical biochemistry of organs and tissues

a-amino acids, peptides, proteins.